Ruth Robson

Ruth Robson is Head of Marketing and Events at Durham Cathedral, which has been a place of spiritual enlightenment, worship, welcome and hospitality for close to a millennium.  It is famous as the tomb of St Cuthbert and the resting place of the Venerable Bede.


The Cathedral welcomes over 700,000 visitors a year from both far and near, who marvel at its stunning Romanesque architecture, its illuminating stained glass, and its wonderful setting high above the River Wear on the Durham UNESCO World Heritage Site.

New for 2016 is the launch of Open Treasure, a stunning exhibition telling the story of St Cuthbert, monastic life at Durham Cathedral and its place as one of the first Church of England cathedrals on the order of Henry VIII. There will be a rolling exhibition programme which sheds light on the Cathedral’s own collections that date from the roman period to the present day, complemented by loans from other prestigious institutions.

The world famous Anglo Saxon Treasures of St Cuthbert will be on display in The Great Kitchen, one of the stunning medieval spaces currently being transformed through a creative programme of conservation, exhibition design and fit out.  All who come will be enlightened as they discover the stories that make Durham Cathedral a revered beacon of the North, deepening the impact the Cathedral makes to the spiritual well-being and the economy of County Durham.  

Ruth comes from the North East, and following a career in broadcasting, in both this country and the United States, returned to the region in 2002.  She has worked in the cultural & heritage sector ever since, contributing to the flourishing of some of the region’s most iconic buildings. 

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