Gavin Brydon

Thorn established it’s Spennymoor operations in 1952 and has grown it’s lighting business to £146m.


The business covers many applications from office, street, tunnel to stadium lighting.

Thorn supplies a vast array of products but also has a high degree of skill and innovation to produce special solutions for projects such as the new Forth Road Bridge, London Underground stations, Wilko stores etc.

With over 27 years industrial experience in global operations, Gavin Brydon, Vice President of Operations has a passion for building and optimising businesses.

He has had a truly global career travelling and working all of the world, and has lived in Hong Kong, China and Austria carrying out  numerous senior roles from MD, Chairman, COO and Executive Vice President in a variety of companies.

Gavin has recently relocated back to the North East and loves the innovation, creativity, motivation and passion of the people in the region.

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